Florida Mechanical LLC has a 10,000 sq. ft. fabrication shop on site. Our full service fab shop compliments all of our construction and installation work. We are committed to the advancement of pipe fabrication and installations, and we use new technology in computer-aided welding and training to achieve the highest standards for our customers.. Florida Mechanical LLC has certified welders as well as a network of outside welding consultation specialists to provide X-ray quality welds. Welding processes include semi-automatic SMAW, GMAC (mig), GTAW (tig), and FCAW (flux-core). Our fabrication capabilities include pipe fabrication, skid-mounted equipment, modular piping, and rack assemblies. Plate and structural fabricating services area complete with shearing, burning, punching and plasma cutting. Along with our ability to fabricate and install multiple piping systems, Florida Mechanical LLC has steel pipe support capabilities from pipe anchors and guides to large frame supports and trapeze assemblies.

We have the capability to weld many types of metals including carbon steel in a multitude of wall thicknesses, stainless steel, hastelloy, Zeron 100, Chromaloy P-11 and P-22, Inconel, aluminum and abrasive resistant alloy steel products, and other duplex stainless piping.

Our fab shop includes the following equipment:

  • Bridge Crane & Boom lifts ( Edwards 75 ton)
  • Iron Worker ( Edwards 75 ton)
  • 8 weld station area that can add additional stations as needed
  • AMADA Bandsaw – cuts up to 18”
  • Vertical Band Saw – cuts up to 18”
  • Plasma Cutter – up to 24” pipe
  • Orbital Welders
  • Automatic Positioners